Playing Away

This weekend five club boats travelled to Windermere for the GP Northern Championships.

AJ, sailing with Commodore Andy, has been good enough to report on the proceedings.

He starts with explanations for their overall 21st position out of 25

For the Saturday he says ‘I don’t do no wind’, as for the Sunday, he tells us the wind was not as strong as at Bass (perhaps he should ask Steve/Ruth how long they spent drifting on Sunday).

All weekend he said ‘ I think Andy needed to remember the bit for the boat still in his garage’ that he forgot to include with the boat initially, as there’s clearly no alternate explanation as to why ‘Hand in the Glove’ was not in the top few boats.

To make matters worse he slept in the car overnight to be on time for Sunday racing, while Andy went home to the comfort of his own bed only to turn up on Sunday after AJ had rigged the boat.

AJ also ponders that it may be interesting to see what happens at the GP Open at Bass in three weeks without Andy crewing… Will the boat go better there when he won’t be crewing?!

At this point AJ decides to stop musing else Andy won’t talk to him again

Moving up the fleet, Val with Ken came 19th, and Mike with Sally 13th. Paul Bowmer was 3rd, and Dave/Lynn 2nd to winner Mike Senior.