Pot Hunters Clean Up!

With the summer on its last legs (or so it seemed), the hot balmy days of the past week were a bit of a distant memory asthe the air cooled and the weather front moved in from Ireland bringing blustery wind and rain.

The handicap fleet were a little too eager for the start (or was the line so biased?) that there were two general recalls much to the dismay of the lasers who were all being good and staying behind the line. In several instances throughout the racing the leaders came a cropper to the gusting winds and ended up capsized – First Scumper, then Neil, then Shunty, and off course Toggle doesn’t like to miss out so Robbie D ended up in the water as well! With no other GPs to sail against, Hugh sailed in the handicap fleet, stayed upright and on the tails of the RS and of course won! The second race was similarly windy – William took the right side of the first beat and the lead, and broke away until the next beat. Shunty went for another swim and an early finish, Robbie D who had earlier sussed the wind conditions and advised Herb not to use mark A, ended up capsizing at A with his gennaker up (and also took an early exit from the race. Neil trawled his kite on the final 50 m leg to the finish and let William back through but it was Hugh that again took the honours on handicap

Toddy and Ron Lee braved the elements again in their Mirrors but found it a bit too challenging. However, at least they tried. Well done

The strong winds forecast for Sunday must have passed through overnight, and although the sun tried to break through, it was drizzly most of the morning race. The handicap fleet saw some extremely close racing with four RS400s each taking turns at the front. Andy T tried to slow Scumper down by somersaulting out of the boat on a spinnaker reach. Not content with doing it once, he got back in the boat, bent down and fell out again!

Hugh had competition in the GPs and from the Ashby’s for the morning at least, so the win on a single race was sufficient for him to take his first trophy of the weekend – the Macmillan Cup

With no GPs for the afternoon, Hugh rejoined the handicap fleet, secured a third position and his second trophy – the Grisedale Cup.

As Toggle had no helm for the day, he took out the mirror in the hope of cleaning up, but he was no match for Mik Chappell who took the Round Table Tankard with two straight wins.


 PN    Boat  Helm          Class        1   2   3   4 Pts 
  1   13905  H GODFREY     GP           1   1 DNS   3   5 
  2    1049  M SOMERVILLE  RS400        3   2   1   2   5 
  3    1298  S HUNT        RS400        2 RTD RTD   1  10 
  4     937  W CARRUTHERS  RS400        5   3   2 RTD  10 
  5    1148  N CURRIE      RS400        4   4   4   5  12 
  6    3473  M MOORE       FF         DNS DNS   3   4  21 
  7  167828  S HALL        LASER RADI RTD DNS RTD RTD  26 
  8     103  A NICHOLSON   VARIO       OD DNS DNS DNS  31 
  9     338  R YARDLEY     RS300      DNS DNS  OD DNS  31 
 10    1072  R DAWSON      RS400      RTD RTD DNS DNS  32 
 11  130338  RiCRITCHLEY   LAS        RTD DNS DNS DNS  39 
 11  160516  T CHITTENDEN  LAS        RTD DNS DNS DNS  39 
 11  213142  R HODGKINS    LAS        RTD DNS DNS DNS  39 

                      Points for RTD = 11   7   7   8 
                      Points for DSQ = 11   7   7   8 
                      Points for DNS = 14 

  3 races to count

 PN    Boat  Helm          Class        1   2   3 Pts 
  1   13905  H GODFREY     GP         DNS DNS   1   1 
  2   13401  G ASHBY       GP         DNS DNS   2   2 

                      Points for RTD =  0   0   3 
                      Points for DSQ =  0   0   3 
                      Points for DNS =  3 

  1 races to count

 PN    Boat  Helm          Class        1   2   3   4 Pts 
  1   69960  M CHAPPEL     MIR         OD DNS   1   1   2 
  2  913791  M COWAN       MIR        DNS DNS   2   2   4 
  3   61512  S PAGEL       MIR        DNS DNS   3 DNS   9 
  4   35784  R LEE         MS         RTD DNS DNS DNS   9 
  4   12324  D TODHUNTER   GP         RTD DNS DNS DNS   9 

                      Points for RTD =  3   0   4   3 
                      Points for DSQ =  3   0   4   3 
                      Points for DNS =  6 

  2 races to count