Saturday 22 August

Recent high winds and heavy showers may have put many sailors off, but it proved to be sailable for the three boats that took to the water, perhaps to Sue’s frustration as she had her heart on going out for afternoon tea!

Both the single handers had capsizes throughout the afternoon, but AJ/Sue stayed upright, then quit while they were ahead after the first race.

The wind freshened during the second race, and a few white horses appeared, but the two single handers battled on, despite capsizing, with Paul in a Pico first through the finish line ahead of Hugh in his Vareo.

The racing was the last of the series, but did not affect the overall results with Neil Currie winning the Barf Trophy handicap series, Pail/Vicky the GP Spring Cup, and Paul Gannon the MT Red Sails trophy for slow handicap.

Final results