Single Handed


Well Toggle’s found another way of demonstrating how to use a boat single handed – trust him to be different, most of us stay in the boat! At today’s Lord Birkett 2007 Toggle needed a tow in.

With the Lord Birkett Trophy being sailed at Ullswater, numbers were slightly down at the club today. The rain held off, but the wind made up for it! The blustery gusts caught out a few including William (with a rather nervous Cristina), Lewis, Mike F, Rory & Toddy.

The first race was a pursuit, and as last week, the finish was fairly close. Shunty, sailing with Cecile, took pole position with Hugh and Rhonwen second. Mike Moore and Mark finished a disgruntled third having been ‘delayed’ by some of TT Fairlamb’s (Mike Moore’s nickname for him) antics!

Having had a few gulps of lake water, Cristina was even more cautious about trying the second race! However, she did go out, start and retired at the end of the windward leg (all in 15 mins according to the webcam). There was some good racing, but less eventful with wins going to Shunty, Hugh, and Tim Smith

As for the gossip, apparently height matters. When Shunty was coming ashore he had stepped out the boat expecting the water to be up to his knees, but it was more like waist deep. A comment that it would have been knee deep on anyone else, started the banter about him being the shortest (adult) helm – but Mike F piped up obviously vying for the trophy. I can’t remember the third person to get involved in this discussion, but fortunately the proposed line-up to verify the shorty didn’t happen.