Solo Open

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Gusting SW winds left some of the select group of competitors looking a little reluctant before the earlier than usual 11am start, but they did all venture out racing.

Despite an unimpressive start our own Tog was leading at the end of the first lap, but slipped back behind Tony King during the next lap. The conditions suited planing conditions at times, though after a brief heavy downpour the wind eased for a while. With two legs to go on the third and final lap Tony and Tog were neck and neck, and there was some cautionary calls re luffing, but Tog held the lead to the final mark. Tony tacked off, but Tog sailed the better route and went in to the lunch break in pole position.

After lunch, two races were sailed back to back with a depleted fleet. Tog may rested on his laurels too much because at the end of the first lap he was bringing up the rear of the fleet! He battled on and soon was up to 3rd, and then gained a bonus position when Tony had gear failure and had to retire, so he finished 2nd behind Alistair Banks (West Riding). Although Tog was in a good position going into the final race, Tony and Alistair were still in contention, as whichever one won the race would win overall! A capsize by Tog scuppered his chances, which left Tony and Alistair fighting it out to the finish. Tony took the winners bell, with Alistair 2nd, and Tog 3rd, the same as the overall finishing order, and they were all on equal points!

Winner Tony King