Starter’s Orders

The sailing season officially started with a two race series for the Starter’s Prize. The sun was shining, the wind had eased, and the temperature had increased several degrees from Saturday’s bone chilling weather.

Neil/Archie were a little too eager for the start and were recalled, but it had little detriment to their overall position. The wind varied in strength between F2-F1, as well as direction throughout the races, but overall the conditions were suitable for easing the 14 boats back into the racing season.

Phil/Lucy won the first race in their Mirror, with John/Jack in a GP 2nd, and Naomi in a Mirror 3rd.

The wind eased on the 2nd lap of the 2nd race, dropping the Mirrors down to 5th and 7th respectively. Neil/Archie took the honours, with Rory in a Solo 2nd, and Ellie in an Aero 3rd.

Phil/Lucy won overall, a point ahead of Rory and Ellie whose positions were determined on tie break as 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Overall results