Starter’s Prize

A sunny morning had numerous boats ready and raring to get the season underway, though AJ seemed to want even more time to tinker with his newly acquired GP! A lack of wind meant they had to wait until almost 2pm before there was sufficient breeze to tempt the OD on to the water.

10 boats took to the water for the Starter’s Prize and had a clean start though Chris/Chloe were initally early having misinterpreted the starting sequence.

The wind came through in waves throughout the first race, so there were a couple of lulls, but the boats kept moving. Banter/Rory in their RS400 led the fleet, but it was Matt/Oliver in their RS200 that won on handicap from Chris/Chloe in their Graduate, and Chris/Evey in their RS400.

With the wind backing to the west, the start line was moved for the next race. There may have only been six starters, but it was very busy at the starboard end of the line, and Rory had no intention of letting Tog squeeze in who had to tack round before starting. The wind was more consistent in strength, though there were swings, one of which caught out Banter on the first beat enabling Chris/Chloe to be first to the windward mark.

On handicap Chris/Chloe won, followed by Neil and Rory in Solos.

Overall, Chris/Chloe won the Starter’s Prize, withRory 2nd, and Neil 3rd.

Overall results