Stormy Saturday

Wind, rain and sunshine are just a selection of the weather conditions on Saturday.

Although the forecast was for gusty conditions, three Laser sailors turned up and were tempted by the conditions to venture out, all using the radial sails! The OD used a shore line start, and with the conditions being gustier than appreciated, had a grandstand view of the various capsizes that all helms suffered.

After a couple of laps the race was shortened, with Neil taking 1st, and Paul 2nd. Barbara retired due to not being able to right her boat and continue.

Autumn Saturday latest results

Sunday’s conditions were lighter, less gusty, and there was an increased turnout though only two boats were in the same fleet!

The limited number of incidents seemed to occur in the 2nd race. Val/Ken persevered with their kite to mark 9 only to capsize when they gybed! Toggle was certain that Tim/Richard missed out YZ one lap, and Archie was not certain of the course so went round A and 4 just in case.

Autumn Sunday latest results