Sultry Summer Sailing

20140726-185836-68316398.jpgTog is pleased with the new grass (though it doesn’t stop growing). He just needs a tent now…

Weather wise the sunny conditions continued and the southerly breeze freshened unexpectedly over lunchtime but AJ was worried it would disappear before racing started. Despite a slight lull, the sea breeze kicked in leading to some fantastic sailing conditions – how often do you get the fleet sporting tans in T shirts and shorts, in blustery capsize conditions, without a wet suit or balaclava in sight?!

There were several capsizes throughout the afternoon, and some spectacular. Rescue driver Chris was busier in the first race than he had been during all of Abersoch week, and included righting a GP without getting more than his ankles wet! Fortunately he didn’t have to attempt the same on JD’s Laser…

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Sunday’s weather was a different kettle of fish. It started with some drizzle, and it was cooler, such that there were no T shirts and shorts to be seen. With lighter winds there were fewer capsizes, but various other mistakes for sailors to overcome.Mike/Kayla had a poor first lap but pulled back to 2nd place behind Neil/Rory by the finish. In the Mirrors, Pam and Mik had a port starboard incident to learn from, but there was no protest, and Pam went on to win.

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After lunch, a heavy rain shower meant the committee boat were not going to wait around, and started the sequence before all boats were on the start line. Indeed, some only made it minute or so after the race started, including Neil who was first on the water (He claimed he hadn’t heard the first sound signal). As ever, a race around the lake is rarely won on the start line. Graham/Elaine were first to Mark 12 but Mike/Kayla took the lead by 13. With Neil taking the middle line back up the lake he passed Grahm and Mike and held the lead to the finish, though Dave/Lynn put in a good performance to win on handicap by more than two mins (Perhaps Neil should have practised his start procedure!?)

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