Summer Sun and Sea Breeze

The final day of May and the sun has returned. The forecast of light winds was ominous, and swinging airs as the race officer was challenging. As the fleet sailed out, they were driven by a fair sea breeze from the West which held, if somewhat shifty, throughout the afternoon.

In the Celebrity Glass Pursuit, Mik started first and led the way for almost half the race before being passed by Mike/Eric in their GP. Despite an excellent start by Banter in his RS100, a broken halyard forced him to capsize to undertake a makeshift repair (or was it so he could cool off swimming in the lake?). Tog was on form again, but unable to break through finishing just over a minute behind Mike. The conditions didn’t suit the strong fleet of F15s, and they all finished in a bunch led by Neil/Rory.

Celebrity Glass Trophy latest

The 2nd race was part of a long championship series. Mike/Kayla were keen to improve on the poor beating in the 1st race, and merrily forced Neil over the line at the start, but had to return themselves. However, Neil made up the ground winning ahead of Graham/Elaine, with Mike 3rd.

AJ/Sue were on top form taking an early lead in the GPs and holding their nerve through to the end.

Banter’s repair was secure enough to see him through the next race, earning him a win from Tog in his Vareo

Mik secured another win in the Mirrors/Toppers to take a strong lead in the Red Sails Trophy. Hazel sailed well in her Topper with a good lead on Mik until the final beat, pushing her into 2nd place. David sailed most of the beats standing on his Topper, different if not competitive!

Latest results

Sunday started bright but overcast. The light breeze appeared to be swinging around Sale Fell, but the race officer was assured by Mike That there was a southerly breeze at Shap heading our way! True enough the wind did settle from the south and racing got underway. Ian/Lezli-Ann repeated their light weather dominance, pulled out an early lead (while Mike/Kayla wallowed in a hole) and went on to win comfortably.

AJ had started the morning next to a flip chart, talking through his success of the previous afternoon, but he too wallowed long enough for the rest of the GPs, led by Dave/Lynn, to disappear into the distance!

The holes and wallowing were a result of the wind swinging through more than 90 degrees to the west – great breeze, but it meant there were no beats!

Mik and Hazel stuck close together throughout their race, and Mik won on handicap. Banter and Tog battled it out again, with Tog winning by just over 30 secs

Latest results

The westerly breeze held for the afternoon, no doubt reinforced by another sea breeze, but it meant the traditional round the lake course for the Jimmy Lancaster Memorial pennant would be in the shade if Sale Fell. The OD did reduce the extent of the frustrations by just sending the fleet down to 10, but light, swirling, winds were in play even before the boats got to Scarness. The conditions suited the GPs (apart from AJ) as they took first three positions on handicap, again led by Dave/Lyn. Tog was 4th and Mike/Kayla 5th

Final results

It might have been the sun gone to his head, but AJ vowed to hunt out, and dust off, his tennis racket…