Sunday Best

After a cold night, the Southerly breeze was pleasantly mild, and lighter than the general forecast, but forecast to increase over the morning. The only takers were Mike/Kayla in their F15, and Dave/Lynn in their GP, but they had a good race, and relying on the least number of mistakes to win! With several marks in unusual positions, the course took a little understanding, and Mike headed for mark S instead of mark N which lost him some ground and Dave broke through for a while. Even over the relatively short duration of the race, the wind increased considerably, and there were some exciting offwind legs. One gust proved to be a bit much for Mike and caused him to broach, losing him some more ground.

On handicap, the honours went to Dave with Mike 2nd.

There was no takers for the afternoon race, so lunch then home; just as well as the wind continued to increase, and the rain moved in.

Latest Results

Congratulations to Sandy and Douglas Simpson who have just returned from the Mirror Inlands, Junior and Youth Nationals where they finished second overall, counting 1, 3, 2, 2, 2 and discarding a 9th. Chris Fuller won it, but they won the Junior Nationals, in a fleet of 11 boats.