Sunny Remembrance Day

Sunday started cold, bright, breezy but with some drizzle. Fortunately the drizzle soon passed through and 15 boats (well 16 if you include Gary’s new F15) took to the water after many sailors had put forward their advice and requests to the starters and OD which included finishing early so that some could get to Remembrance Day parades, and having the races back to back to avoid getting too cold.

Chris/Julie led both races in their F15, but were to be beaten on fleet handicap as several others were close on their transom. Joan/Jack would have been closer if they had headed to the correct mark on the first beat! Newbies Peter and Tony battled it out in their full rig Lasers while Jim grumbled around the course due to the lack of close reaches… With less than one min between the first five boats on fleet handicap, Peter took the honours ahead of Jim and Tony. Sailing directly to the correct marks helped Joan/Jack take a convincing win in the 2nd race followed by Chris and Jim. Tony leads the series 1 pt ahead of Jim.

On personal handicap, Tony won the 1st race from Jenny and Chris, while Chris won the 2nd race from Tony and Joan.

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