Sunny Saturday

With clear, sunny skies and a mirror-like lake again in the morning, conditions didn’t look too promising for racing, but a NE breeze filled in and ten boats took to the water. Val/Ken got away with a port on port start, but it was Mike/Kayla that took an early lead which they strengthened as the race went on. Their main competitors were from the GPs with Joan/Jack challenging, and breaking past Val/Ken a couple of times as the wind strength varied throughout the race. Joan won on both FH and PH.

Val was a little premature for the second start and had to duck the line and gybe round before starting. Mike led the fleet again, but Joan beat him on handicap by 9 secs, and she won on PH as well.

Joan leads both series at present, with Val 2nd and Alan 3rd.

Sunday was sunny as well, but the wind was more fickle. After prevaricating about having an early lunch some wind appeared so a line was set. The closer the fleet got to the line, the more the wind faded! Once there, most seemed prepared to drift around the course (well they all started). The race was shortened at the first mark, and Joe was first to finish, winning on FH and PH basis. Jim crossed the line next in his Supernova, but was beaten by Ian in his Solo.

Unexpectedly the wind filled in over lunch enabling a good race to finish the day in which Joan chalked up another win strengthening her lead in the series.

Final results