That’s it for another season

The final race of the season. But it nearly didn’t take place! The electrics failed on the boat house door and it took Joe, Dave Nic and the Rescue Lads an hour to get a safety boat out using the complex manual override.

Again it was a race office start in light conditions and, again, it was Neil who got through into the lead in his Laser with Tony nearly a minute behind. But the Solo has the better boat handicap and Tony took the win. This created the fascinating position of Tony and Mike in his Streaker having three wins and a second each. Tony took the Series on countback.

The PH result also created a fabulous finish with Paul in his Laser taking the win by just two seconds on corrected time from John’s Radial and Tony only managing third. So it was Paul who won the PH Series from Tony by a single point.

Roll on next season!

Final results