The Morning After the DAY Before

Following yesterday’s wedding celebrations, many of the guests were surprisingly bright after having danced the night away into the early hours. Photos will follow (when someone sends them to me!)

Some of the tales of woe

Scandal – Andy T was black balled in (not from) the club (make of that what you will)
Joanie was unusually under the weather (did the champagne have anything to do with it?) two days on the trot
Claralaraloo had a beer shampoo following some frolicking with T
Charlotte’s bike was misappropriated at some unearthly hour but Elaine waited until the cold light of day to get her point across
T had an extreme wedgie, but was it caught on CCTV?!!

As for the sailing, it has been expected that Saturday would be the best day of the weekend, but the forecast keeps changing! The wind, as ever, had some challenging, unpredictable, shifts which caught many out but made up for it with some good gusts on the reaches from time to time. There were a few capsizes, and some near ones as well.