Tinker Trophy

While we have a team away at the 24 hour race we have our annual visit from the Tinker Association for one of the rallies, and we hold an all fleet handicap series with nine boats taking part on another sunny Saturday. At lunchtime the winds seemed to be very light but they filled in sufficiently for a good afternoon’s racing during which there were no capsizes, or exciting tales to tell!

Hugh led both races in his Vareo, followed by Joe in his Laser, which were their positions on on corrected time as well, while Ian in a Solo took 3rd in the first race and AJ/Sue in a GP 3rd in the second one.

With a low pressure moving in, Sunday’s forecast was looking somewhat gusty, but as Bass has its own micro climate we were lucky and got more racing in.

The Tinkers led the way and demonstrated that conditions were suitable though, for a long while, AJ and Sue had no competition and were wondering what they should do with their their unexpected spare time. However the overnight leaders did appear so Sue had to sail but was able to postpone her ironing for a few more hours!

Sensibly AJ opted to race in his F15 and was able to avoid capsizing, but his competition were not so lucky, each suffering several capsizes over the two races. Joe had less critical timing of his capsizes and secured two wins, and the weekend series trophy.

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Final results

The Tinkers had a total of six races with the overall winner being Malcolm Ellwood, just for a change, with Stewart Warden 2nd.

Winner Malcolm Ellwood with trophy presented by Poppy Christie