Topper, NWJTT and Mirror Open

Three fleets totalling 42 boats took to the water for an afternoon of sun and shifting winds. With light winds forecast from the east, there was a bit of hope that a sea breeze from the south west was starting to bed in. However, when the OD set off, there was a good northerly which gradually swung to the west. With the course set racing was soon underway, but the wind swung further to the SW on the 2nd lap resulting in boats having to tack into the first wing mark, so the race was shortened.

The course had to be reset for the following two races as the winds swung to and fro but the beats were maintained, even though sailors had some major shifts to contend with. The Smith family single-handedly led the charge at the start of the 2nd Mirror race resulting in three general recalls! The introduction of the one minute rule for the 3rd race had the desired effect and no-one jumped the line.

Throughout the afternoon there was only one capsize, but Andy Smith was caught out by one shift and went for a quick swim! The Lasers gave the the Teras and Optimists a chance in the final race when they mistakenly used the wing mark as the windward mark, only overcoming their error on the next lap!

Overnight leaders are Lorcan Knowles from Leigh & Lowton in the NJWTT, Phil and Oliver Smith from Bass in the Mirrors, and Noé Peckham from Leigh & Lowton in the Toppers.

A barbeque and a game of rounders on a sunny evening – what better way to end the day?

There was a bit of a waiting game on Sunday morning, and it was mid-day before the the breeze had filled the bay, and th OD set off to get racing underway. Again, there were two winds vying to take control, and, as on Saturday, it was the westerly that eventually won, but it was a gradual process as the races went on, and resulted in the beat swinging more to the wing mark in a couple of races.

With time being of the essence following the later than planned start, the black flag was introduced, which caught out four boats in total, but there was no need for any general recalls! There was certainly enough wind to keep the fleets sailing, but there were no spectacular reaches, or any capsizes. There was a lot of consistency at the top of all three fleets, and the onl;y change to the leaders board was Tom Platt from Bolton won all three races to win the Topper fleet overall, squeezing Noé Peckham into 2nd place.

Final results

Mirror Open Winners Phil and Oliver Smith (Bass)
Topper Open Winner Tom Platt (Bolton)
NWJTT Winner Lorcan Knowles (Leigh & Lowton)