Training 2013

The training that will be provided for new and existing members in 2013 will follow the RYA National Training schemes for adults and youths. Following our own review, and advice from the RYA, we will be providing courses that last for 10 weeks. They will include 3 or 4 weekends and will be interspaced by 7 Tues/Thurs evening “supported racing” sessions so that pupils put into practice what they have learned.
Youths starting training with no experience
-10 week course
-Start on Saturday 13 April
-Complete the first 3 RYA levels between April and late June.
-Complete Level 4 and Start Racing between late August and October.

We are aware that there are some youths who have already made progress through the RYA schemes. These pupils will be able to either complete the full course or join the course at their current level. They will be encouraged to attend all the Tuesday Evening “Supported Racing” sessions as this will lead into the Start Racing Course.

Adults starting with no experience
-10 week course
-Start on Saturday 6 April
-Complete the first 2 RYA Levels between April and mid June.
-Complete Level 4 and Start Racing between late August and October.

We hope to run a further two courses (subject to demand and instructor availability) starting on Saturday 1 June and Saturday 8 June. These courses would run until the 18 July.
It is recognised that sailors may miss a couple of the evening sessions due to holidays, etc. This isn’t a problem but we recommend attending all of the planned weekend sessions.
Bass Sailing Club is always particularly interested in attracting new members and sailors. In order to actively promote the club and its training to prospective members it is proposed to hold a Club Open Weekend over the Easter Holiday with a “welcome desk” and taster sessions. Please come along and help out on the day in any way you can – a friendly face or a trip out in a boat with a competent sailor will go a long way to showcasing our great club. Please bring along any friends or work colleagues who may be interested in trying sailing – they can even bring their tent and camp on Saturday night for the usual charge if you want to show them the social side too.

Please respond ASAP to Neil Garrison ([email protected]) to express your interest, providing name(s), ages and any previous sailing experience / RYA certification.