Wind of Change

Mark and Andy - Safety gear is paramount!Saturday started off with so much winfd (not a spelling mistake!) that no-one was prepared to take their own boats out. However, it didn’t stop the younger generation (and Toggle) from trialling out the alternate BSC (Bathenswaite Swimming Club). With the aid of £25k worth of boats the, intrepid swimmers were rapidly taken out to the centre of the performance arena – but some couldn’t wait and demonstrated the backward somersault water entry technique, allowing their craft to carry on sailing unaided for several yards. Front crawl appeared to be the favoured style for reuniting swimmer and craft. This, of course, became the second element of the routine – clambering over the smooth upturned hulls, and then flipping them through 180°, something which seemed to be carried out with such ease. However, some of the performers did enhance their performance by use of the safety crew! Additional props included the leeward shore as a safety refuge. There were some that attempted a full monty, a routine which included derigging their boats. At the moment, the jury’s still out on this change of direction.

An early finish to the afternoon’s activities left the ‘swailors’ with plenty of time to nurse their bruises (including egos?), and warm their bodies back up before partying the night away at a do to celebrate Claire’s forthcoming 40th birthday. However, some did find enough energy to take part in the little heard of routine of pontoon bounce (if only to try and release a trapped chain) where several people (you guessed it) bounce in harmony at one end of the pontoon.

The karaoke was started by Claire and friends, but continued with solos from Rich and Jessica. No party would be the same without the Toggle influence (we’re assured that the confidence factor is multiplied with the aid of several pints of Stella!), and of course he formed part of the finale, dedicating his song ‘return to sender’ to Tashman Willie

 Bass Babes back in action 

 Toggle with an eye on Tashman Willie

It was to be daybreak before many finally reached their beds, after an evening that had suffered various casualties (Claire’s knee, David’s stomach, numerous heads!)

On Sunday, the wind eased somewhat, and the sun shone. Some of the highlights of the sailing included Jonathan Sedgwick giving mum Christina a dunking, and having to be towed ashore; Keith Thomas having to practice (several times) the scene from Titanic (without Kate Winslet) on the foredeck of his F15 to re-rig the spinnaker; Ian Campbell trying to get to grips with wineglass spinnakers while crewing for Scott Beattie; further capsizes by Bill Smith, John Halliday, and Paul Burnell – but somehow Steve Hunt managed to stay upright!

Clear skies on a bank holiday – It must have been a dream? However, the downside was that the lake was mirror like as seen on the early morning webcam picture. The wind did start to fill in late morning, but it was not from the forecast direction. The wind improved for the afternoon race with the help of a south westerly sea breeze.

Over the course of the weekend, Scott Beattie had obviously sorted out his ‘novice’ crew to win three races and the series. However, Joe Hardon and Keith Thomas had posed a threat in the morning race, having taken Mike Moore out on the start line his next target was Scott, and although he nearly succeeded, in the end he had to settle for a second place.

The GPs series was to be determined on the final race, with any one of four helms in with a chance. John Telford and Andy Smith with two wins and a 3rd for stepping in to be OD on Sunday, won the series from Dave and Lynn Lawson. Hugh Godfrey’s valiant effort to defend his position while Monday’s birthday girl, Rhonwen Bryce, was busy with head between her knees taking down the spinnaker, included a couple of gybes (not certain whether they were deliberate or not!).

The racing did start in a northerly breeze around noon, but it was a frustrating race with the wind fading and shifting considerably. In the handicap fleet, Robin Dawson and Toggle showed a clean pair of heels from Steve Hunt and Ruth Critchley who were keen to secure the series before leaving early for a week’s holiday. Robin’s win meant that a win in the final race would take the series, but gear failure stopped Robin from getting to the starting line. The freshening wind helped William Carruthers and sister Claire get first to the windward mark, but it was not to last! Neil and Judith Currie wasted no time hoisting their kite, and took advantage of a gust to take the lead; similarly Mark Somerville and Steve Kirkpatrick carried a gust to get them into second position, then Phil and Rich Hodgkins went for a late drop of their kite to claim water at the mark. Claire had noticed a rip in the kite, perhaps that was to be an omen – time for an early finish? As the rip did not affect flying the kite, they carried on only to suffer a broken boom while beating, which led to a broken tiller and a capsize (time for another burgee?)- just goes to show that these things happen in threes! William’s final dive across the boat while righting it seemed to shock the onlookers, but he came out of it in one piece (well no-one could tell the difference!)

This week’s episode of Sailors’ Wives, took the girls to Cockermouth fair, where Linda got more than she bargained for when she offered to accompany Emily on one of the rides. A set of cowboy hats later and they were ready for anything – just as well, since on the way back Linda came to the fore as a cow girl when she helped protect a stray bullock from on-coming traffic.

The day was finished off with the launch of the new committee boat helmed, of course, by Herb with the assistance of Keith Thomas and Alan Smith, and watched by a crowd of onlookers. Some minor alterations are required before it will be put in service, but if the cuddy stays (complete with gas stove), future ODs will come off the water with a warm inner glow. In the meantime, perhaps it should be trips around the bay, or trips to see the Osprey!

Herb and Alan ready for the launchThey're off!
The crowd of onlookers (together with cow girls)


PN    Boat  Helm          Class        1   2   3   4 Pts
 1    3673  S BEATTIE     FF           2   1   1   1   3
 2    3473  M MOORE       FF           1   2   4   2   5
 3   93385  J HARDON      FF           3   3   2   3   8
 4    1117  K JAMIESON    FF         DNS DNS   3   4  14
 5   69960  M CHAPPEL     MIR        DNS   4 DNS DNS  16

                     Points for RTD =  4   5   5   5
                     Points for DSQ =  4   5   5   5
                     Points for DNS =  6

 3 races to count

PN    Boat  Helm          Class        1   2   3   4 Pts
 1   13874  J TELFORD     GP          OD DNS   1   1   5
 2   13176  D LAWSON      GP           2   1   3   2   5
 3   13839  H GODFREY     GP           1   3   4   3   7
 4   13327  M FAIRLAMB    GP           3   2   2   4   7
 5   13118  V BELL        GP           4   4   5   5  13
 6   13259  J ROBERTS     GP           5   5   6   6  16
 7   13013  J SEDGWICK    GP         DNS DNS   7   7  25
 8  813467  D WRIGHT      GP         DNS DNS   8 DNS  30
 9   13733  A HODGKINS    GP         DNS RTD DNS DNS  30
 9   13142  M CLAYTON     GP         DNS RTD DNS DNS  30

                     Points for RTD =  6   8   9   8
                     Points for DSQ =  6   8   9   8
                     Points for DNS = 11

 3 races to count

PN    Boat  Helm          Class        1   2   3   4 Pts
 1    1210  S HUNT        RS400        1   1   2 DNS   4
 2    1072  R DAWSON      RS400        4   2   1 DNS   7
 3    1148  N CURRIE      RS400        2   4   5   2   8
 4    1049  M SOMERVILLE  RS400        3   5   9   3  11
 5    1146  P BURNELL     RS400        6   7   8   5  18
 6    2324  R BLACKBURN   LARK       RTD  10   4   6  20
 7     937  W CARRUTHERS  RS400        5   6  11 RTD  20
 8  213142  R HODGKINS    RS400      DNS DNS   3   4  27
 9    3642  C MARK        MERLIN ROC DNS   3   7 DNS  29
10    1125  JoHALLIDAY    RS400      RTD   8  10 DNS  29
11     809  B SMITH       RS800        7   9 DNS DNS  35
12     400  T KNOWLES     RS300      RTD DNS   6 DNS  37
13  164552  J WALKER      LAS        DNS DNS DNS   1  39
14     103  A NICHOLSON   VARIO      DNS DNS  OD DNS  41
15    1140  J CHRISTIE    VORTEX SP  DNS DNS DNS   7  45
16     609  A WILCOX      RS600      DNS DNS  12 DNS  50
17      10  A BAINBRIDGE  TOPPER     DNS DNS  14 DNS  52
18   69960  M CHAPPEL     MIR        DNS DNS  13 DNS  53

                     Points for RTD = 11  11  15   9
                     Points for DSQ = 11  11  15   9
                     Points for DNS = 19

 3 races to count