Windless Weekend

Plenty of sun, glorious views of the lake, somewhat obscured bye a wandering spider (on the webcam), but no wind was what greeted sailors on Saturday.

Ah well, you can’t have everything!

Surprisingly the a light breeze did fill in across the lake very quickly, and racing got underway only slightly late (though Scumper was later than most!). The wind eased towards the end of the first race to slow proceedings down, so some boats went ashore for a comfort break. However, the OD took no prisoners and started the sequence as soon as all the boats had finished, leaving Shunty and William several minutes late for the start. Fortunately the breeze did hold for the rest of the race.

The first race, which should have been a pursuit, was canned due to it not complying with the series rules

Sunday’s misty start lingered all day, and although there was some ripples on the water for a while, there was never enough to get racing started. There was more movement by the spider clambering over the webcam!

Cancelling the racing meant that series positions in the final long series of the season would stand as previously, with only one weekend series left count towards the championship.