Winter on its Way

IMG_1340.JPGAfter the mildest halloween on record, reality is starting to strike with the start of November and the Winter Series. Despite a dreadful forecast, and overnight gales, there was a good turnout of 13 boats in sunny, gusty, and shifty conditions.

Steve/Ruth led the fleet in both races, winning both on fleet handicap, with Jim C taking two 2nds in his Supernova. Newcomer Tony King in a Laser Radial took a 3rd but won both races on personal handicap (No doubt Tony’s handicap will change for next season!). Chris/Julie secured two 3rds on personal handicap putting them in 2nd place.

There were numerous capsizes throughout the day – perhaps Alastair and Nigel competing for the most capsizes?

Though many would have expected the day to be written off due to the forecast heavy winds, two races were sailed in blustery and challenging conditions.

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