Winter Series part 2

Despite a forecast of F2 gusting F5-6, the lake was calm and misty when the first few sailors arrived. Though slow to fill in, ten boats prepared by first of all removing ice from their covers and boats!

The northerly breeze did appear in for a slightly delayed start, and all ten boats raced. One incident ended up with Mike in a Streaker capsizing on top of Neil G in a Laser. While trying to get the mast out of the mud, Mike did a backward flip off his centreboard – presumably a skull numbing experience!

Having won the first race, in the next race Neil C had been leading again but was the wrong side of a shift that lost him four places, though he did make ground up before the race finished, his final position was third on handicap behind James/Jenny in their GP, and Paul in a Solo. All in all, a good day’s sailing enjoyed by many.

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