Congratulations in Order!

As the championship season draws to a close, we have prepared the winners prize list.

There will be two prize givings this year, one for the Youths and Juniors which is to be held in the clubhouse at 6pm on 8 November, just before the firework festivities, and the other on 29 November at Hundith Hill Hotel as part of the annual prize giving dinner dance (Book your tickets at… Read full article “Congratulations in Order!”

Championship Concludes

After weeks without rain the weather system was determined for us to catch up so we endured 24 hours of rain which topped up the lake level considerably. A forecast of gusty winds increasing as the weekend progresses may have put some people off, but those that turned out for the final championship series of the season had a mixture of winds that were challenging, and gusty, but well within everyone’s capabilities.… Read full article “Championship Concludes”