After the Rain…

The rain cleared overnight on Friday with a forecast of 10-12mph afternoon breeze from the SW for Saturday

The FF team racing having been cancelled we had the lake to ourselves. There were many puffs of wind which made all the difference in terms of getting lifts, but they never seemed to be sustained long enough to gain a good advantage. The wind freshened towards the end of the first race, but lacked lustre for the second 🙁

Shunty and Ruth got away in both races to secure two firsts on fleet handicap basis. Lynn Lawson tried her hand at helming, with Dave crewing, and sailed consistently to take a first and second on a personal handicap basis

Sunday was forecast to bring some sun, but less wind.

Sunday started with a light southerly which looked promising for some good sailing – how deceptive looks can be! With a very starboard biased beat there was little tacking to be done on the main beat of the course, and the light winds gave little opportunity for the asymmetric boats to gain (or should that be not lose) any ground on the rest of the fleet. This led to Shunty losing, well spitting out, his dummy. Mike and Kayla were taking advantage of the situation and sailed well to finish first on the water and take first overall on personal, and fleet, handicap basis.

Backed by, perhaps, a sea breeze, the wind swung to the SW during the lunch break, and seemed to strengthen with various gusts passing through. Although the fleets finished in the expected order this time, the lulls and gusts on the offwind legs allowed the pack to tighten. Lynn Lawson again sailed excellently to win the race on fleet handicap from Shunty, and a 2nd on personal handicap basis gave her the October personal handicap trophy.

Mike Moore had to win the last race on fleet handicap to take the October Series, but Shunty’s 2nd was sufficient to fend Mike off and take the trophy. With 2nd place in both series Mike felt like it was a case of always being the bridesmaid, never the bride. Say no more! Well it was his wedding anniversary – what did he expect? Special treatment?!

Congratulations go to Phil Smith and Naomi Darling following the announcement of their engagement