Ain’t Got Enough Swing!?

Sunday started off wet and windy (and it didn’t get much better), although not as strong gusts as were encountered on Saturday. Accordingly, there weren’t many takers – Mike and William were there for some more, Hugh (or was it Rhonwen?) thought better of it, and Paul Burnell ventured out as well.

Mike sailed the beats well to stay ahead of the RS400s, and although William and Jonathan managed to maintain an overlap on the run to 5, a jammed gennaker halyard meant it would take another lap before William caught up with Mike again. Paul Burnell seemed to be sitting in for Roy in terms of the capsize stakes, since he went in on the first beat, and again on a fetch. On handicap, Mike won the race.

The honourable OD, who had been evacuated from the hen house (well, the hen party lodgings), being concerned about the discontent with the morning’s course, was fully intent on putting things right in the afternoon, so with a south westerly wind swinging around Sale Fell, he set a course with two beats – the first to 0, the second to 7, problem being everyone had to sail through the shadow of the fell to get to 7. Shunty, who had managed to get Toggle to crew for the afternoon race, opted to fly his kite part way up to 7 – strange thing to do, especially as he occasionally had to tack with it up! The OD having seen the error of his ways opted to shorten the race after the first lap, and even came to apologise – what a gent!

As for the headline, that refers to Herb – some may think that he’s no longer got the control over the ODs in terms of guiding them to a good course, but no, it’s because the starter motor on the Bates is in for repair, and the engine is being started with the hand crank, and he admits to not having enough swing anymore!

Christenings and Weddings

The first taster session of the season proved to be popular and has hopefully resulted in four new memberships. The next session is to held on 5th June.

The 5mph wind forecast for Saturday seemed to be a bit of an error, but obviously they were not allowing for the Bass micro climate, as Herb reckoned that some of the gusts were hitting force 7 (but that could be fanciful in the extreme!). There were six boats that prepared for the race, five that ventured out, two that finished, and only one that didn’t capsize (and that was only because it had the advantage of Mike Moore sitting on the side plus a heavy keel!). As for the christenings, firstly there was Toddy in his new Mirror which, with the bermudan rig, got the mast stuck in the mud. Secondly, William and Jonathan were caught out by a self tacking header (verified by Rhonwen), and ended up donating their first burgee of the season to Neptune.

With no-one to follow, Mike Moore took the wrong course and let Hugh and Rhonwen get into the lead before he realised his mistake. The OD took pity on the two boats still upright, shortened course, picked up the anchor and start line, headed for shore, and abandoned racing for the rest of the day.

The weddings are in fact hen nights – so watch out Blackpool and Edinburgh, various Bass WAGS are on their way!


PN    Boat  Helm          Class        1   2   3   4 Pts
 1    1049  M SOMERVILLE  RS400        1   1   1 DNS   3
 2    1298  S HUNT        RS400        2   2   2 DNS   6
 3    1303  W CARRUTHERS  RS400        3   7   4 RTD  13
 4    1140  J CHRISTIE    VORTEX       5   4 DNS DNS  33
 5    1029  R BLACKBURN   RS400        4   6 DNS DNS  34
 6  130579  S HALL        LASER RADI RTD   3 DNS DNS  37
 7  167828  I MACPHERSON  LAS        RTD   5 DNS DNS  39
 8     303  M COWAN       VAREO      RTD RTD DNS DNS  43
 9   13905  H GODFREY     GP         DNS DNS DNS   1  49
10    3473  M MOORE       FF         DNS DNS DNS   2  50
11    1003  A SMITH       RS200      DNS DNS   3 DNS  51
12  160516  T CHITTENDEN  LAS         OD DNS DNS DNS  51
13   69960  M CHAPPEL     MS         DNS DNS DNS  OD  51
14  174889  S HALL        LAS        DNS DNS   5 DNS  53
15   70466  D TODHUNTER   MS         DNS DNS DNS RTD  54
15     338  R YARDLEY     VAREO      DNS DNS DNS RTD  54
16  125514  R BRYCE       LAS        DNS DNS   6 DNS  54
18   13259  J ROBERTS     VAREO      DNS DNS   7 DNS  55
19     501  J CROSBIE     RS400      DNS DNS   8 DNS  56
20   13161  S SPENCE      RSFEVA     DNS DNS   9 DNS  57
21     379  R DAWSON      RS 200     RTD DNS DNS DNS  58
22     103  A NICHOLSON   VAREO      DNS DNS RTD DNS  60
22     379  R DAWSON      RS200      DNS DNS RTD DNS  60

                     Points for RTD = 10   9  12   6
                     Points for DSQ = 10   9  12   6
                     Points for DNS = 24

 3 races to count