Summer Come Early?

A bit of balmy weather this weekend. Loads of sunshine, but the wind was somewhat lacking on Saturday. In the first race Shunty, with Tim Chittenden crewing, kept breaking away and then being caught again. On the final run before beating up to the finish Herb warned Steve to mind the anchor warp – Tim lifted the centreboard, but the warp caught on his rudder bringing him to a sudden stop, sufficient enough for William and Elaine to take the lead. On handicap though, Dave and Lynn Lawson took the honours in their GP.

The second race had even less wind and less partakers, and again the honours went to Dave and Lynn.

Sunday started with the lake like a mirror, but the wind started to fill in just after 1130 allowing the racing to get underway before lunch. Scumper was a bit too eager, and responded with an innocent ‘was that me?’ when he heard the second recall signal. After returning through the line, he had a good beat to be third behind Shunty and John Halliday at the windward mark, and eventually broke through to second.

Mike Fairlamb had a good race and stayed ahead of Dave Lawson until he headed for the wrong mark (could it be an age thing?).

The sea breeze topped up the wind strength in the afternoon, and resulted in a couple of capsizes. Toggle survived the gusts on the first reach to 3, but not the second time around! This slowed him just enough for Mik Chappel to beat him on handicap. The wind suited the RS400s with Shunty and Scumper coming in ahead of Mike Moore.

Mike Fairlamb led the way ahead of Dave Lawson until the final beat to the finish when Dave broke through (Could be that age thing again!?). Special mention for Bridget and Ginge who sailed two races in one day – some time since that happened!

Just see what you’ve been missing out on – come down and make the most of this Summer weather as you never know how long it will last

Easter Series

After a gentle breeze on Saturday, Sunday proved to be a lot more challenging. The handicap fleet was expanded by the full compliment of RS200s, and they all had some close racing and several capsizes. Robbie D was again involved in the capsize of one of his competitors (the Hardies), although this time he didn’t try to skewer them!

The wind picked up in the afternoon, leading to more capsizes – the RS200s all had their fair share, but Paul Burnell and Sam Hall were the only RS400 to go in (x3 or was it x4?). Shunty retired when his kicker broke just as he was having another close race with Scumper and Andy T. Neil and Judith hung on in (almost literally) to keep ahead of William and Toggle who had pipped them at the post in the morning race.

It was good to have four F15s on the water – Scott seemed to be struggling with the first beats but soon got back into the pace to win both races. Dave and Lynn Lawson sailed well again to take both races, but why Lynn ended up hanging on to the bow as they came ashore we may never know!

The traditional Easter egg dump was held on Sunday after racing, and it was quite fitting that the winner was Jack Lawson, grandson of the original organiser of the competition, Jack Lawson, who sadly died last year.

Another breezy day saw a change in crews for some so that they could make the most of the conditions. The Hardies again had to clean the lake mud from their mast head after another capsize. But racing was good even though the same names appeared on the leader board – Scott, Dave and Tim – all of whom have won their respective series with three straight wins. In the handicap fleet, Bean and Naomi in an RS200 worked there way up to get 2nd on handicap pushing Shunty down to 3rd position. As Scumper had two firsts and a second, Shunty couldn’t match this even by taking the last race, so the series went to Scumper and Andy T/Zefer.

The wind eased a little for the final afternoon race, but there was still some good gusts to create exciting planing conditions at times.

All in all a busy bank holiday weekend, with good racing and reasonable, dry, weather.

Rich Critchley’s been doing some happy snapping again, and here’s a couple to whet your appetite. The rest can be found here in the Easter 07 directory


PN    Boat  Helm          Class        1   2   3   4 Pts
 1    3673  S BEATTIE     FF           1   1   1 DNS   3
 2    3293  I PRESTON     FF           3   2   2   2   6
 3    3473  M MOORE       FF           2   3   3   3   8
 4    2504  K THOMAS      FF           4 RTD   4   4  12
 5   93673  J SOMERVILLE  FF         DNS DNS DNS   1  13

                     Points for RTD =  5   5   5   5
                     Points for DSQ =  5   5   5   5
                     Points for DNS =  6

 3 races to count

PN    Boat  Helm          Class        1   2   3   4 Pts
 1    1049  M SOMERVILLE  RS400        2   1   1   2   4
 2    1298  S HUNT        RS400        1 RTD   3   1   5
 3    1303  W CARRUTHERS  RS400        3   3   4   3   9
 4    1148  N CURRIE      RS400        4   2   5   4  10
 5     691  P SMITH       RS200        7   5   2   6  13
 6    1003  A SMITH       RS200      RTD   4   6   5  15
 7     913  JoHARDIE      RS200        9 RTD   7   7  23
 8     379  R DAWSON      RS200        6 RTD RTD   8  24
 9    1140  J CHRISTIE    VORTEX       5   6 DNS DNS  28
10   13259  J ROBERTS     VAREO        8 RTD DNS DNS  38
11     501  J CROSBIE     RS400      DNS   7 DNS DNS  41
12  130579  S HALL        LASER RADI DNS DNS   8 DNS  42
13    3275  B LANCASTER   N12        DNS DNS DNS   9  43
14  173813  P BURNELL     LAS        DNS RTD DNS DNS  46
15  174889  S HALL        LAS        RTD DNS DNS DNS  47

                     Points for RTD = 13  12  10  10
                     Points for DSQ = 13  12  10  10
                     Points for DNS = 16

 3 races to count

PN    Boat  Helm          Class        1   2   3   4 Pts
 1   13176  D LAWSON      GP           1   1   1   1   3
 2   13885  M FAIRLAMB    GP           2   2   2   2   6
 3   13161  S SPENCE      RSFEVA       3   3   4 DNS  10
 4   13867  D NICHOLSON   GP          OD DNS   3 DNS  11

                     Points for RTD =  4   4   5   3
                     Points for DSQ =  4   4   5   3
                     Points for DNS =  5

 3 races to count

PN    Boat  Helm          Class        1   2   3 Pts
 1   70142  T SMITH       MS           1   1   1   2
 2   69960  M CHAPPEL     MIR          2   2   2   4
 3   70466  D TODHUNTER   MS           3   3   3   6

                     Points for RTD =  4   4   4 
                     Points for DSQ =  4   4   4 
                     Points for DNS =  4

 2 races to count

Easter Fun and Games

First of all there was the merry go rounds – both the Commodore and his Vice had a go on this one. In the first race, the Celebrity Glass pursuit, Dave Nicholson decided to do some turns after hitting Eric Smith on the head (with his boom!). In the second race Steve Hunt did a couple of pirouettes for Scumper after hitting him as they rounded the mark.

Secondly, there was the jousting competition (or it may have been cooking related) which took place later in the same race. In this one Robbie D, reaching with the gennaker up, failed to skewer Alan Nicholson (fortunately) but Alan was knocked out of his Vareo as he was beating up a separate leg of the course. Apart from a bent pole, and no doubt a big bruise, no real harm was done. Both boats capsized as a result – not to take the glory from Roy who regularly gets a mention for capsizing (even when he hasn’t capsized, or so he claims), but he wasn’t sailing!