Another Slow Sunday

In the Bass micro climate a forecast of 5-6mph breeze was somewhat ominous, but there was a light easterly across part of the lake to get the fleets started in the final rounds of the MJM/Asymmetric Cup. However, soon after the start the wind faded and it was to be a long haul around the relatively short course. The Hardies optimistically tried to fly their gennaker, but it was soon lowered again. Shortening the race after two legs, OD AJ was getting a little nervy as slight gusts bunched the fleet as they approached the finish line for an early lunch. Though the Hallidays crossed the line first, the Hardies were close enough to beat them on handicap securing another 1st in the series. Despite capsizing(!), Banter was next to finish with Peter Ballard close on his tail, taking 3rd and 4th respectively.

Joe led the MJM fleet to the finish but Jim C beat him on handicap. Brent/Neil must have taken the scenic route as they finished 25 mins after the others!

Over lunch the sun shone on a mirrored lake and the likelihood of a race was minimal. Indeed Mike/Kayla took their boat off the water and the Bates was put on its mooring. However, within minutes a steady breeze filled in from the NE and it was action stations to get a race underway. Apart from most asymmetric boats missing out YZ, the wind dying on the final leg, and a hook finish that none of the competitors noticed, everything went swimmingly!

The Hardies took another 1st and the series overall, with the Hallidays 2nd, and Banter’s 3rd securing his 2nd overall position.

In the MJM, Joe won with Jim 2nd, but the trophy was won by Mike/Kayla

Next weekend the F15 team racing takes place alongside the final championship weekend series of the season.

October Series

What would the weather hold in store for the start of the October series this weekend? Well, it turned out to be quite a mixed bag! Although sunny and calm in the morning, the westerly breeze filled in before racing started, and held for most of the first race, by the end of which it had swung to the north, and there was a small rain shower too!

Neil/Rory were getting some practice in for next week’s F15 team racing at Bass, but were slow to realise that there was only a single start, which meant they started at least 30 secs behind the leaders (You’d think they had sailed for long enough to undertand the flag signals!). Despite their ‘casual’ start, they soon took the lead from Mike/Kayla and won the race on a fleet handicap basis. Joe sailed well in his RS300 finishing 3rd behind Mike.

Perhaps Scumper’s excuse was that he didn’t expect the race to start on time, as not many do, but he too gave the fleet a head start, not that he was able to recover his position as well as Neil had, finishing 6th.

The wind faded and there was slightly better than drifting conditions for the start of the 2nd race, but it soon swung through 180 deg to the south, and freshened a little. Jim Christie made the most of the conditions winning on the water and fleet handicap with AJ 2nd.

On a personal handicap basis, Kath/Glynis took 1st and 2nd and presently lead the series, while AJ has a 1st and a 3rd, lying 2nd overall.