Asymmetric Cup but no Asymmetrics

Both Sunday races were for the Asymmetric Cup and the MJM trophies, Hugh Godfrey came to sail in his RS Vareo but no other Asymmetrics turned up, so no race for Hugh, he went for a blast anyway. The weather was sunny and warm, the wind however was very gusty and shifty which challenged the 5 boats in the MJM fleet. Mike and Kayla had a huge lead in the first race then lost it as they were passed by the GP of John Riley and Nigel Lewis, they then recovered and won comfortably in the end from John and Nigel, Stephen Lloyd in his Laser sailed well and finished third on corrected time.

The wind dropped slightly for the second race which tempted Graham and Elaine out in the FF, they were the only ones to spot mark A had been moved on the first beat and established a good lead, Mike and Kayla fought hard and overhauled them. However on corrected time John and Nigel won from Ethan in his Laser Radial and Alastair Richards in his Laser. The OD Mike Fairlamb discovered the birds nest in the cockpit of the Bates and the 3 chicks that had hatched despite Eric’s attempts to terrify them.