Night Jar 5

It was a grey chilly evening but, despite this, 21 boats took to the water including 7 from the Topper fleet. With a consistent F3 ENE wind the OD set an interesting course from 0 of 4-1-3-9-0 containing 2 beats.

The start was somewhat chaotic as most boats were early reaching the line and were forced to the port end. Joan & Jack Hardie were driven onto the pin and re-rounded. But a stint of hard sailing put them back into the lead group headed by Jim Christie in the Supernova.

Jim then left 1 to port rather than starboard and dropped back after re-rounding. By the end of the first lap Joan & Jack were leading from the GPs; Alan Jones / Sue Watson being right on the transom of Mike Fairlamb / Eric Smith.

The Toppers were finished at the end of the first lap. The experienced Harry Binns had a sizeable lead and he took 7th place overall on PH. He was followed across the line by Frankie Miller and close rivals Izzy Hunter and Hazel Newport.

Although Mike & Eric finished behind Joan & Jack on the water at the end of lap 2, the positions were reversed in the FH results.

A new winner emerged on PH with Julie Tomkinson taking an excellent first place in her Radial with its striking multi coloured sail. AJ & Sue were placed second ahead of Kath Davis / Glenys Kett, the latter pair’s consistency moving them up to second overall in the series just one point behind Mike & Eric.

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