August Bank Holiday

By the time Saturday racing came around many needed to refocus having had a couple of fun days since arriving on Thursday for the extended weekend.

The day had started with a coffee morning for Caroline in aid of cancer research.

The winds were light but filled in from the north, and backed more as a sea breeze came in while the OD was course setting. During the first couple of laps there was sufficient strength for some planing, before veering to the north again, and easing. By the time the fleet of 36 boats had finished, the wind had faded to nothing. Attempts to start another race were abandoned and the boats prepared to race headed ashore. However Cam decided to jump ship and swim ashore (which he did successfully!)

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A dull, drizzly, morning on Sunday with light winds had many sailors looking very unenthusiastic! However, with the wind filling in the OD got racing underway with only a few minutes delay. Half an hour into the race, some rain moved in, the wind veered to the north, eased, and then faded to near drifting conditions before returning 25 minutes later from the west enabling the remaining boats to finish this side of Christmas!

After the lunch break, the rain cleared, and a westerly breeze stayed throughout the afternoon, with another two races being completed.

The day’s racing had an expanded F15 fleet with Matty/Henry trying their hand in Aunty Gayle’s boat, while Stephen/Georgina tried out Graham’s boat.

By Monday the extra long weekend was taking its toll, and, with a desire to have an early escape, the races were sailed back to back. The wind strength was F1/2 occasionally freshening to F3, and a frustrating lull towards the end of the first race as the wind was shaded by Sale Fell for a while.

Despite the varying winds, for most of the fleets the results were fairly consistent with Robbie D/Henry/Dave winning the Flying Free Trophy with three 1sts and a 2nd, ahead of Ian/Lezliann with a 1st and three 2nds. The GP Aitken Cup was won by Val/Ken two 1sts and two 2nds, with Paul/Vicki 2nd, and James/Jenny 3rd. Bean/Lucy won the Mirror Mug & Weekend E trophies with four 1sts and Alex/Saskia 2nd. The handicap August Trophy was won by Matt/Oliver from Chris/Evey, both in RS200s, and both with 8 points as Matt had two 1sts.

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All in all it was great a great weekend with over 50 boats racing.

With the championship season only having a month to run, the Championship results have been updated.

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