Autumn beds in

After recent rain, and stormy weather, the temperature has dipped again, and cloud moved in for a damp afternoon’s sailing to start the Saturday Autumn series.

The wind enabled sailors to enjoy some exciting planing early in the first race which was led by Scumper/Matty in a RS400, followed by James/Jenny in a GP, and Mike/Jack in a Graduate. The wind eased slightly, but not the rain, as the afternoon went on so Scumper called it a day after the first race.

Julie in a F15 led the next race with Mike/Jack 2nd on the water, and James/Jenny 3rd.

Sunday was drier, milder, and nowhere near as gusty as forecast.

With the stand in OD sleeping in, it was down to the official starter to manage proceedings from a fixed line start between the Bates and 0 for the fleet of four boats.

The start for the first race was very orderly, and processional with no passing – Neil/Archie led in their RS200, followed by AJ/Sue.

For the next race Neil and AJ both opted to fly their kites on the start line. AJ was very close to being OCS but tucked back just in time. The lead order remained the same but, having been trailing, Paul came back to beat Neil on the line by 1 sec. Barbara was the only person to capsize, albeit after she had finished!

Latest results (to follow)