Autumn Series 7 & 8

After a wet, night, and a calm morning, the wind freshened as the afternoon went on, and the sun shone, revealing a snow capped Skiddaw as the rain clouds disappeared.

There was a fleet of 11 boats, some suffering mixed fortunes. Steve/John in their GP, headed for wrong marks, and capsized getting their mast in the mud, but righted it and finished the race – all part of the learning curve! Paul had a great start in the 2nd race, but lost the benefit when he, too, capsized. AJ was getting giddy doing turns again, though he seemed to suggest Sue was at fault (I wonder if he still has a crew available for Sunday?…) It was the Solos that fared best with Tony winning both races, Paul 2nd in the first, and Rory 2nd in the last race. Paul wins the series on fleet handicap with AJ/Sue 2nd.

Final results Autumn Saturday Series

Here’s another video from John of his first October race.

With the clocks going back, perhaps many enjoyed their lie in, and did not fancy a sail as only three helms turned up in the morning, and another couple in the afternoon, for what turned out to be another sunny, but cool, day with a force 1/2. The GPs shared the honours, with AH/Sue winning the morning race, and Joan/Jack in the afternoon.

Overall, Mike/Eric won on fleet handicap, and AJ/Sue on personal handicap.

Final results Autumn Sunday Series