Winter Trophy

Now that November is here, it is Sunday only racing (isn’t it Mik?!) for the Winter Trophy. There was a cold light wind that picked up slightly over the course of the morning, and light rain to boot!

Eight boats competed, no capsizes, with some close racing and four boats finishing less than 17 secs apart on handicap in the morning race, two of which tied – AJ/Sue and Peter. The wind eased after lunch, and continued to do so throughout the race. Although Peter established an early lead, he lost ground in the calm patches as the wind started to fade and AJ secured 1st place, with Peter 2nd. Shortly after the boats returned to shore, the lake was like a mill pond.

Latest results

The bonfire celebrations are being held on Saturday 9th from 6pm – please bring a display firework, and drop off any spare wood that you may have for the bonfire.