Autumnal October

Those that entered the Fleet Challenge C series enjoyed sunshine and a light breeze on Saturday to drive them around the courses for the three scheduled races. There were a few capsizes, several people sailing wrong courses, missing marks out, or rounding them the wrong way, and Roy the Sailing Secretary was a premature starter. Most of these mishaps were rectified, but not all!

Sunday started with a mist/fog across the lake that burnt off well before the scheduled start time, but the wind was not forthcoming. As there were very few takers it didn’t seem as if there would be any racing even if the wind did appear!

With no wind, and no takers, racing was abandoned for the day, albeit a glorious one! So the final results were as Saturday, with Val/Ken taking the honours on a personal handicap basis, with Kath/Alan 2nd (If only they hadn’t talked so much…)