Back to Normality

With Bass Week over and done with, many tend to have a rest from sailing or go for a holiday, so this weekend is typically quiet, to the extent that no sailing was scheduled for yesterday (That didn’t stop Herb turning up for duty though!).

Today, despite a reasonable forecast for wind, the wind was as shy as the number of sailors. A late arrival by a Tim Smith enabled the mirrors to have a separate start, but Dave and Sarah Nicholson had to join the handicap fleet for their racing. Scumper didn’t have a crew, or a gennaker, but at the last minute took the opportunity to sail Robbie D’s RS200 with Ethan. The wind had plenty of holes in it, especially down the western shore, but the fleets kept moving sufficiently to complete the race in an hour.

The wind for the afternoon race didn’t look too promising, but the course was set where the wind was, and it picked up sufficiently to sit out at times. William and Jonathan were in the only RS400 for the race, and were maintaining a good lead until the main halyard snapped – so much for a 4 month old piece of string!

It was to be Joan Hardie that won the race on handicap from Robbie D and Ethan