Bank Holiday Monday

Perhaps we shouldn’t have been so smug about the last bank holiday when those down south had a wet day as we basked in sunshine. Not only is it wet here, but the wind has been picking up as per the forecast.

There was lots of apathy in terms of getting any boats rigged initially, but the committee boat went out to set a start, and the sailors followed at their leisure

There were some takers eventually – four in all. The two series contenders – Bean and Robbie D, together with Shunty, and Toggle had to be in the frame as well (of course)

There were great expectations of some early capsizes, but it was not to be. From launching to recovery the boats were on the water an hour without mishap. Toggle did retire early, but the others all had a good race. Shunty and Ruth opted not to fly their gennaker (although it turned out to be due to it being rigged wrongly – was that planned we ask?!), not that it did them any harm. They did catch Robbie D up on the beat, and got past when Big E opted to trawl the gennaker for a while. But neither of them could shake off Mr and Mrs Bean who finished less than two minutes behind after 40 mins of racing. With three wins under his belt, Bean has won the series with Robbie D second.

That proved to be enough for one and all and there was no further racing

Bank Holiday Weekend

After Friday’s rain passed through, the multitude of campers had a great evening and the sunny weather continued into Saturday, albeit with a bit of a chill wind.

The Catapult Association are again holding an open event alongside our club racing with a fleet of nine boats competing. When added to club boats, in total there were around thirty boats racing

Winds were varied throughout the afternoon and making sure you were in the right place at the right time made a big difference to the gains and losses to be had

Although the problem with the Thursday evening results has being overcome, it appears that there is a corruption in the data file that has affected previous results so we can’t publish the latest results at the moment