Bank Holiday

and it’s sunny! Not as much wind forecast as the last couple of days, but many could be relieved at that.

Although the lake was flat at 9am, the breeze covered the lake in patches, and eventually filled in shortly after the start. However, it proved to be the bet race of the day, because in the afternoon, the wind died, then it seemed a if a sea breeze was to be the saviour. When the race started, there had to be a general recall, and there was a further delay. It was 1545 before racing got underway, then the wind disappeared again, so it was a long haul, but the series results were all depending on the final race so most persevered.

Mike Moore and Sally Roberts took the honours in the F15 from guest helm Mark Ninnim with Ian Preston. Martyn Stephenson had been impressed at not coming last in the morning race (he was second last!), but more impressively he finished second in the afternoon race 🙂

Dave and Lynne Lawson, won the GPs with three straight wins from Mike Fairlamb and Eric Smith.

Robbie D and Big E secured the handicap series from Mrs and Mrs Bean

The Mirror results were consistent through out the series with Mik Chappell winning from Alan Waugh.

At least it was a sunny afternoon to be drifting around waiting for wind!


The wind is blowing with some strong gusts passing through – but it’s sunny! Will it all last? The brief answer is yes! The beats tended to be blustery, with associated shifts, and several boats capsized as a result, but there were some enjoyable spectacular spinnaker legs while the gusts were passing through.

The wind eased over the lunch break, but while the fleet were waiting for the committee boat to test out an unusual way of mooring the boat to windward of the anchor, it freshened again. There were more capsizes, including Dave and Lynne again, and some excellent gusts to take advantage of on the reaches. However, the fleet were a little disappointed that racing remained in the bay when it was felt that the wind was ideal for sailing around the full lake.


A showery start to the day, but it stayed fairly dry throughout the afternoon racing. The winds held, with some strong gusts passing through that caught out many of the single handers, and, unusually, Dave and Lynne Lawson at one point!

Mark Ninnim and Emma Smith did a little bit of mark repositioning when they got their mainsheet caught on a mark. Although Robbie D had already rounded the mark, the rest of the fleet benefited from broader reach from 0 to 1.

More of the same for tomorrow?