Bolted Horses Now Grazing Peacefully

If you have been worrying about the well being of your much beloved craft, please rest assured that all boats have now been moved to safety. The water has now risen (13.00 Saturday) to cover all of the foreshore to a depth of a foot or so at the shallowest part (by the steps down from the clubhouse). More rain is forecast overnight but no boats are now in any immediate danger. Inevitably not all boats can be tied down in their temporary positions and it would be prudent to check that your boat is secured when you can.

Our warmest thanks go to all those, including the the rescue crew Chris, Scott and James, who worked all morning waist deep in water, to bring all boats to safety.

The Horse May Have Bolted…

The massive rapid rise in water levels has caught out several boats, which have been moved, but any help to move further boats to higher ground would be appreciated, especially as it is possible that the lake could continue to rise.

You can see below how rapidly it has risen.