Mid Summer’s Day

You’d never have guessed it from the weather. Torrential rain showers, a little bit of sun, but a good breeze to power the boats round.

Joe Watkins was out in his new RS 300, honing his capsize skills on a frequent basis. He would have been pleased that the lake is so high because he turned fully turtle at one stage without getting his mast in the mud!

Scumper took advantage of the reaches to strengthen his lead and win 2 mins ahead of Toggle. Ethan, sailing with his dad in the RS 200 was just a further 8 secs behind that – if only he hadn’t had the near capsize….

A pennant race in the afternoon in aid of the RNLI (have you paid your donation?) took a slightly reduced fleet around the lake. With the wind coming from the west, Sale Fell would have its inevitable effect on the winds in the southern end of the lake. Graham/Nick got a fantastic first beat in but ended up in the middle of the lake (not the route to take on a round the laker!) and lost his lead big style as most of the fleet took the gusts on the shore line and passed him. On the way back up he did get back in the mix, and even back into the lead at one stage, tussling with Scumper and Mike/Kayla as the wind toyed with one and all, through occasional gusts, holes and major shifts!

On handicap, Scumper beat Mike by 30 secs, followed by the other F15s. Val/Ken led the GPs and took 5th overall. A crewless Rear Admiral returned to his Laser, suffered several capsizes, and brought up the rear!

The race counted towards Sandra’s Salver, and put Kayla on equal points with Sue, but ahead when the tie is split on the last race.