Brrrr and Wet!

Another glorious, but cold, Saturday with clear skies, meant Sunday was to be bitterly cold, but some early morning cloud turned to drizzle, which left various roads, including the M6, like skating rinks due to black ice. Who would drive 120 miles in such conditions for a sail – you’re right none other than next week’s speaker at the annual dinner, Steve Hunt!

So was it worth it hold back the other two main contenders for the Winter Trophy? Surprisingly there was a reasonable breeze (in the middle of the lake at least), but the drizzle had turned to rain. It was so uninviting that Neil Currie opted out of sailing (before Judith changed her mind?). By the time racing started the rain had gone and the wind was doing most peculiar things in that it was seemingly coming from about three directions at once! The wind didn’t settle down during the race, resulting in some unexpectedly close racing, with only a couple of minutes between 1st RS400 and last GP after 50 mins of sailing. This gave another first to Malcolm Clayton, and kept him in the running for the trophy.

The wind picked up before the start of the next race, but suddenly stopped about 30 secs before the start signal. However, Steve Hunt was on the line and got well away with the course side breeze. In fact it was another 2 mins before the next boat even reached the start line! Steve continued to carry his luck and by the end of the 1st lap he had a 7 min lead. However, while Steve disappeared into the distance, William Carruthers and Lesley Braddock fought it out with Jim Christie up to the windward mark, with Malcolm still struggling to cross the line. Suddenly, within what seemed like a couple of mins, William was just rounding the mark when Malcolm seemed to be back in contention. Within 10 mins, William was 2nd and trying catch up with Steve, Jim had given up the ghost and retired, and Malcolm was still only 50 yards from the windward mark!

On the 2nd lap it seemed as if William was carrying the luck when with a good 2nd beat he reduced Steve’s lead by 2 mins. He continued to nibble away at the lead until he was within 4 mins of Steve. But the final leg opened up the gap by nearly 1 min which turned out to be crucial as when the results were calculated, Steve had won by 40 secs on corrected time.

So what does this all mean? Basically, Steve can get legless next Saturday (preferably after giving his speech) and not worry about having to venture out as he has bagged the first trophy for next years prize giving!


PN    Boat  Helm          Class        1   2   3   4   5   6 Pts
 1    1210  S HUNT        RS 400       1   1   2   3   4   1   5
 2     937  W CARRUTHERS  RS400        3   2   1   2   2   2   7
 3   13142  M CLAYTON     GP           5   4   3   1   1 RTD   9
 4    1140  J CHRISTIE    VORTEX       6   5   7 DNS   3 RTD  19
 5   13839  H GODFREY     GP           4   3 DNS DNS DNS DNS  33
 6    1148  N CURRIE      RS400      DNS DNS   4   4 DNS DNS  34
 7    1049  M SOMERVILLE  RS400      DNS DNS   5   4 DNS DNS  35
 8   13655  N LEWIS       GP         DNS DNS   6   6 DNS DNS  38
 9     400  T KNOWLES     RS300        2 DNS DNS DNS DNS DNS  41
10    3560  I CAMPBELL    FF          OD DNS DNS DNS DNS DNS  42
11     103  A NICHOLSON   VARIO      DNS DNS RTD   7 DNS DNS  42
12  913789  A SMITH       49R        DNS   6 DNS DNS DNS DNS  45

                     Points for RTD =  7   7   9   8   5   5
                     Points for DSQ =  7   7   9   8   5   5
                     Points for DNS = 13

 4 races to count