It’s All Over

The final race of the season got underway in light winds, Bill Smith in his RS800 took an early lead, and promptly headed for a wrong mark (as he does!), and ended up having his final capsize of the season. Heading for the wrong mark seemed to be a bit of a trait for the day, since with unused marks being removed, Michaela and Nigel mistook mark 4 for mark 3! Nigel also lost ground on the final leg when they lost a hat overboard and had to go back for it. First to finish was Rory Yardley, and followed shortly after by Alan Nicholson in an RS300. Jim Christie in a Vortex was slightly ahead of Nigel in his GP.

On handicap, it was Alan Nicholson that won the race from Nigel Lewis. However, this result did not affect the overall result for the 2004 Winter Trophy which was determined last week following Steve Hunt’s win.