Dubwath Micro Climate

Despite high winds on the coast, and a similar forecast for the lake which would probably have prevented sailing, Bass again enjoyed its own weather conditions. Although windy, with some strong gusts, sailing got underway with the first race being a pursuit as part of the Celebrity Glass series. Joe Watkins continued to practice his capsize skills in an RS300, as did others on some of the tighter, and gustier reaches. Scumper gave the rest of the fleet an extra minute due to being late for the start yet again! Mike/Alan in a GP led the fleet for a good while until passed by Mike/Kayla and Scumper, who had a close race, regularly swapping positions even up the last beat, on which Mike regained the advantage and won the race. After a long hard sailed race, the F15 sailors voted with their rudders and sailed ashore for a well earned break rather than sail the 2nd race back to back.

Although the wind eased slightly as the 2nd race went on, there were still good planing conditions, which the Vareos took advantage of, taking the first three positions, with Toggle being pipped at the post by Hugh. Scumper’s win gave him a clean sweep in the Dodd Cup.

In the absence of his regular crew, Ian teamed up with Tony again (in their matching sailing suits!) and took advantage of the additional weight to challenge Mike/Kayla from time to time. Though Mike won the race, Ian won the F15 Blencathra Trophy series.

Although there was no racing in the GP’s Mustard Pot, the series was won by Hugh/Rachel. Alan Waugh won the Mirror AB, and Ethan the Tppper Long B series.