Easter Holiday

An Easter easterly helped reduce air temperatures for sailors and campers alike. Fortunately the forecast gusty winds on Saturday eased late morning to encourage a few more boats to race.

Banter/Tim were out in a RS400 and powered through the start line a few seconds early to claim the first individual recall of the season! At the next start AJ/Sue had nowhere to squeeze through as they approached the line but they unsuccessfully tried to duck Mike’s stern with which they collided and had to do the first sets of penalty turns of the season.

The wind was shifty, and the gusts did increase through the afternoon, resulting in a few capsizes. Oliver Smith was well wrapped up with three sets of joggers, but it wasn’t enough to keep him warm enough to continue through the full race so dad Phil opted for an early retirement.

At the end of the afternoon Dave/Lynn lead the GP Spring Cup with two 1sts, Zefer leads the Handicap Barf Trophy with a 2nd and a 1st, and Sandy/Douglas the Slow Handicap Red Sails Trophy, also with two 1sts.

Latest results

The evening entertainment started off with a bring and eat meal for the kids followed by a film, all to be repeated for the adults later

Sunday started busily with an Easter egg hunt, and there were plenty of successful finds

The temperature was only 5C but felt so much warmer than Saturday, and the winds, still from the East were not quite as gusty as Saturday, though there were plenty of shifts  about to catch out helms on the beats.

After three races, all to count, some consistent sailing puts Ian/Lezli-Ann in the lead for the F15s, Dave/Lynn lead the GPs with two 1sts, and a bit of a mash-up in the handicap fleet has Tony King leading with 13pts and new member Stan Barton just a point behind (did Stan give a position away when he forgot about the leeward mark as he head for the finish?). Only one race has been sailed in the slow handicap, but it is led by Banter/Oscar.

The annual egg dump competition was as strongly contested as ever. Fortunately, or otherwise, this year no kids made it to the final only to be intimidated and have their egg cracked by nasty adults. Peter Winfindale was up against Wendy Somerville in the final, but he was no match for the canny Scot who took the honours!

The forecast for Monday was not good, and a wet morning with a blustery easterly was not sufficient to entice anyone to race, so racing was cancelled, and campers dodged the showers to pack up and leave after the long weekend.

Weekend series final results