End of Summertime 

Despite the end of British Summertime, the weather was still a bit milder than last week! As elsewhere in the country, there was a general lack of wind, although there was a channel of breeze running down the middle of the lake. Nine boats took to the water, and sailed a compact course in the swinging wind. However, after the first beat the wind eased yet again before finally settling in from the south west which meant there were no beat left in the course so the race was shortened.

The light winds, and shorter race, resulted in fleet and personal handicap positions being the same as boat finishing order for the lead boats with Mike/Kayla and John/Tim in F15s beating Jack/Joan in a GP.

The OD and sailors opted to run both races back-to-back and have a late lunch while the wind was at its best. A jumble of the finishing positions (compared to the first race) resulted in three boats being on 5 points on fleet handicap, with the tie being split in Mike Fairlamb’s favour, while Joan and Jack lead the personal handicap series.

The decision to race back to back caught out a couple of boats planning to race in the afternoon, but proved to be the best option as the wind faded again over lunch.

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