Flying 15 Team Racing

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With little wind during the morning, it seemed promising for some good sailing conditions for the 17 strong fleet of Flying 15s when the wind filled in from the south, despite the forecast being from the north east.

With mark 7 nowhere to be seen, should the OD send the fleet to mark 10 or 8? Taking the cautious option, mark 8 was set as the windward mark, and the start sequence began. A last minute shift made it difficult for the fleet to cross the line on starboard, so everyone had a clean start, though fleet captain Simon and Jon’s tack on to port was badly timed as they tried to squeeze through a non-existent gap… Jon Mathie and Olivia, a F15 virgin, led round the windward mark and the following leg, but not surprisingly, Steve Goacher strolled through the ranks to take the lead as the wind eased. With the wind on the eastern shore disappearing, the OD opted to shorten the course at the end of the lap. Just as well mark 10 wasn’t the windward mark!

With the wind filling in from the forecast NE, the start line was moved to suit the new direction, but the wind faded altogether and the fleet came ashore for a cuppa. An hour later the wind came back from the NE with gusto, so it was back to the water for two further races, along with club racing. It was Neil Currie and Rory Yardley that took the honours in the 2nd race, and a few places back, Simon took the opportunity to implement some team racing by hanging back to sit on John Mathie up the final beat while team mate Robin Dawson secured 4th, with Simon 5th.

The wind held for the final race of the day, though backing slightly, the beat was one sided. Simon led from the windward through to the finish, with John and Olivia 2nd.

Sunday welcomed everyone with a stronger wind from the NE again. Various boats had spinnaker problems from trawling to not being able to take them down! Steve Goacher was back on form taking two wins, but kept looking back with the thought of helping his team mates come to the fore, but there was no obvious action taking place. Same couldn’t be said for Simon who again tried to slow opponents to let a team mate gain a place, however it didn’t work today as he tried to hold back Nigel Tullett, but Simon kept hold of his deserved 2nd place. Simon was over the line in the final race, so was neither use nor ornament, finishing 7th. Although, Nigel pulled through to 2nd in the final race ahead of Mike and Kayla, it wasn’t enough to bring the Goacher Gang to the fore, and it was The Committee from Bass that won the team racing event.

Last year’s Grotty Potty winner was so distraught that he wasn’t present to receive it, nominated himself to win it this year, not that AJ’s performance was sufficiently sparkling to warrant him nominating anyone else!

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FF Team Racing Team Scores – Overall
1 The Committee 27 17 18 13 18 93
2 Goacher Gang 21 26 23 17 18 105
3 No Discount 13 23 25 27 25 113
4 Bassturds 24 21 24 22 26 117
5 Take no Prisioners 38 33 43 43 31 188
6 Bass Bumblers 43 44 34 45 40 206

Only two club boats raced in the morning, and Val/Ken’s win secured them the FH trophy. They threw caution to the wind and sailed after lunch, with Mike and Kayla joining in, as if they hadn’t raced enough in the morning, for the final race of the Autumn series. Mike won on FH but it didn’t affect Val’s 1st overall, but Val’s win on PH in the last race secured her the PH trophy as well!

Club racing overall results.