Flash of summer

Weekend sailors enjoyed the best conditions of the season so far, with warm, sunny weather, and light-medium southerly winds.

Not exactly capsizing conditions, though John Reekie seemed to upturned several times. There was sufficient wind for Neil to suffer from aching muscles on Sunday as he got used to sailing a Laser while Archie waits for his hand to recover…

AJ/Sue had some close racing with Val/Ken with a fair share of wins between them.

The Sunday afternoon pennant race in aid of the Jubilee Sailing Trust raised interest as to whether the course would be around the lake. With the wind having been lighter than forecast for the morning race, the OD opted to use 10 as the windward mark, however, the wind had freshened and bedded in. Before the fleet had reached 7, several sailors decided discretion was the better part of valour, and headed ashore. Toggle was one of them planning to retire but capsized beforehand!

Those that continued had a hard slog up to the windward mark but enjoyed some good planing conditions on the route down to mark 2. Reekie continued his capsize routines, and had Phil/Oscar in a RS400 chasing hard. It’s a shame they both went around the next leeward mark the wrong way…

Neil Campbell almost made the same error on the final mark but recovered to beat Val/Ken on the line, and win the race on handicap.

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Jubilee Sailing Trust pennant results