Fleet Challenge B

A select group of boats turned out on Saturday for the fleet challenge. The rain had started on cue, and continued throughout the afternoon, which may have been an off-putting factor for some. The lake was initially partially shadowed by Sale Fell, but the wind backed and strengthened to the South, resulting in two of the four starters quickly peeling off and returning to shore soon after the start. That left Dave Lawson in a Laser and Jim/Poppy in their Hartley which, according to Jim, has a mind of its own in such conditions! Perhaps that would explain why the gybe mark at 0 became their downfall and resulted in Poppy’s first capsize, and Jim catapulting off a disappearing centreboard! That left Dave to finish another lap and take the only finisher’s hoot.

Perhaps Sunday would be a better day? The overnight rain had passed through (ask the Duncans about that!), but there was no wind. It wasn’t too long before there were ripples across the bay from the north, so a line was set and the od waited for boats to launch, as the breeze faded again… Racing was started in the very light air, and all 14 boats seemed happy to continue. it wasnt long before a some patchy winds came back, but from the west! The od opted to make the most of the light breeze, despite the lack of a beat, and sent the fleet around for another lap!

A little bit of a sea breeze kept the boats moving for the afternoon race.

Not the most thrilling of racing days, but most were happy to be on the water and sailing on a sunny Sunday!

Overall the winner was Dave Lawson, who opted to sail his GP with Lynn for Sunday’s races

Final results