Night Jar 16

An hour before the start this week’s Night Jar looking decidedly dodgy with rough water and white caps around Scarness. But several helms were keen to compete and, following a slight lull, the safety boats were launched.

The wind was slightly south of West and, to try to give some shelter, the line was set at 2 with the course 0-B-2. Six boats took the start, AJ choosing the Fifteen with Bob Gate as crew and Hazel selecting a Topper. Peter capsized his Laser on the first beat but righted with little loss of time. Lottie also went over in her Topper and, as she was near to the Club anyway, decided to retire.

The Fifteen, and Val & Ken in their GP, briefly tried their kites on the downwind run but decided discretion was the better part of valour and stowed them. After two 10 minute laps the decision was made to let the leading pair do another round and to shorten for the remaining boats. Peter’s Laser, Hazel’s Topper and John’s Pico were all in close company and were finished in that order.

By this time the wind strength had risen to force 5, gusting 6 and with heavy rain. But all made it back to the Club without further incident and were soon tucking in to a meal served by Sue who was happy to have stayed in the dry. 

Results showed that Hazel with the Topper’s favourable handicap had won in both FH and PH categories with Val & Ken were second on FH. The PH battle is going down to the wire with John who was second in the race, Jack & Joan and Tony all within a point of each other. Next week’s final round will be the decider.

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