Flying 15 & GP14 Open 2023

Bright sunshine and a lack of wind greeted the entrants for the weekend’s open meeting sponsored by Im pact Marine. However, just before the scheduled start time, a sea breeze started to fill the bay, so the OD prepared to get racing underway just half an hour later than scheduled.

As soon as the line was set, the wind veered to the north, the the line was lifted, relocated, and racing started. The strengthening wind eased again as the two winds battled each other throughout the afternoon, and led to a mix of fortunes for many.

The winds held long enough to get three scheduled races finished, and in the Flying 15s it was Andy Tunicliffe/Andy Smith relatively consistent results that made them overnight leaders with John Reekie/Rory Yardley 2nd. In the GP14s Dave/Lynn Lawson had three wins to take the overnight lead, with Val/Ken Bell 2nd.

Some unscheduled club racing was held alongside the open meeting for which the overnight leader is Paul Clark, with Henry Bullen 2nd, both were sailing Laser Radials

Sunday started in much the same way but without the sun! The wind did start to fill the bay in the half hour before scheduled start time but it would be 1100hrs before boats were on the water and ready to start.

The light airs strengthened in the second half of the first race and generally held for the final race too, and there were some good planing opportunities on the reaches.

As on Saturday, the shifts created opportunities (or challenges!), and there was a set of mixed results for most.

Though there were some spots of rain, fortunately they didn’t last.

Open meeting final results

Flying 15 winner Andy Tunicliffe
GP14 winners Dave/Lynn Lawson
GP14 winners Dave/Lynn Lawson

Club racing final results

Last Minute Cup winner Henry Bullen