Another High

High pressure on Saturday again squeezed out the likelihood of good winds, but there was enough to wind to get racing underway. The general wind direction was from the north, but, as ever, it did swing from time to time.

Banter/Oscar in their RS200 led the handicap fleet in both races, finishing with a 1st and 2nd, with some close competition from Neil/Archie in their RS200 finishing 2nd and 5th, but Mike/Jack in their Graduate were in close contention, finishing 3rd and 1st to hold the lead in the series.

Dave/Lynn won both GP races, and lead the series, with James/Jenny and Julian/Jane each taking a 2nd.

The slow handicap fleet comprised the Smith family – Oliver, Bean, Lily and Andy, all in Teras. A clear demonstration as to how crew weight affects overall boat speed, especially downwind! Oliver won both races. The fact that Bean capsized when caught out by a wind shift is not an acceptable excuse for not doing better… Oliver won both races and leads the series.

Latest BL results

Sunday was brighter, but the wind was lighter, and very variable in strength from minute to minute. Racing was delayed until 1215 hrs but the promising wind from the north all but faded when the sequence commenced. Mike/Jack were not far from the line at their start, but they ended up starting with the GPs! Perhaps it was tactical as they were able to see where the wind might be coming from next, and pulled through to win on the water, on handicap, and maintain the series lead.

In the GPs, AJ/Sue were leading at the end of the first lap, but slipped back to finish 3rd behind Dave/Lynn who lead the series, and Nigel/Glenys 2nd.

The Jubilee Sailing Trust pennant was held after lunch. The winds were just as fickle as the morning. Mike/Jack in a Graduate had some close racing with Dave/Lynn in a GP, finishing 1st on the water and on handicap. Dave/Lynn were 2nd and Banter/Oscar 3rd

Jubilee Sailing Trust pennant results